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“Our function is to Prevent and Manage the Risk to Organisations and People within the environment of Digital Life. To do so we Audit, Investigate and Execute”

1. We Audit:
- Verification of compliance with Data Protection Legislation
- Analysis of Risks and Vulnerabilities
- Technical Perimetral Analysis
- Technical Analysis of Wireless Security
- Technical Analysis of Self-service Banking
- Technical Access Analysis
- Intrusion Test
- Forensic Analysis
- Analysis of Source Code
- Issuance of Reports with proposals for action to be taken

2. We Execute:
- Setting up Security Policy
- Elimination of Points of Risk and Threat
- Installation of Security Elements
- Certification of compliance with established Safety and Security levels

3. We Investigate: Computer Forensics:
- Forensic analysis to establish the existence of information leaks, fraud, etc...
- Management of digital brands
- Monitoring of channels used for the online distribution of company products
- Supervision of the image of managers, via detection of attack, threats, extortions, etc...
- Tracking of electronic mail to establish origin and author
- Complete recovery and analysis of Hard Disks: location of deleted actions and data


“We are dedicated exclusively to the Protection and Prevention of actions which infringe upon any Private ambit”

- Audit of Risks and Threats
- Implications and Advice on Security Systems
- Installation of CCTV Systems
- Installation of Anti-Intrusion Systems
- Decentralised Administration of Security
- Hire and Sale of all types of Investigation Technology
- Search and Detection of Hidden Recording systems
- Search and Detection of Telephony interventions
- Installation and Management of GPS Tracking Systems
- Monitoring of Computerised Work Centres


“Recognise, Analyse and Neutralise Risks before they can materialise”

- Audit of Risks and Threats
- Plainclothes Security in: Hotels, Trade Fairs, Shopping Centres and Events
- Management of VIP Security
- Crisis Management in situations of Extortion, Threat and Kidnapping
- Security Chauffeurs
- Monitoring of Corporate and Private Events
- Countersurveillance

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